Exploring the Hand-Placed Glitter Trend

Some people like simple manicures. One color with a clear glitter finish. Typically, glitter-based (also known as glitter topper) polishes go on scattered, randomly placed, and generally everywhere, like this:

Photo from trendyswatchcentral.blogspoy

Photo from Trendy Swatch Central (blogspot)

On the other hand (no pun intended), some people like to go all out. Recently, a new trend has appeared, which includes tweezers, patience, glitter, and more glitter:

Photo from manicurity.com

Photo from manicurity.com

Glitter placement! I haven’t personally tried this, because I don’t have the patience (a required step). Some bloggers say glitter placement takes around 45 minutes; while others say doing one nail takes about 10 minutes.

Photo from Polish All The Nails (blogspot)

Photo from Polish All The Nails (blogspot)

Supplies need are glitter (loose or mixed in a clear polish base,) a base color, and top coat (lots of it.) Tools used in the actual act of hand-placing glitter include tweezers, toothpicks, orange sticks, and wax pencils. Some artists use glue to stick the glitter but most use topcoat. Glitter hand-placement can be done with glitter polish or loose (big)  glitter/sequins, spilled out onto a plate or napkin.

You don’t have to place glitter all over the nail. You can use it to make designs, like these:

Photo from Rejoice Nail Art (blogspot)

Photo from Rejoice Nail Art (blogspot)

Photo from Lost in Lacquer (blogspot)

Photo from Lost in Lacquer (blogspot)

Hand-placed glitter manis look amazing when they sparkle in the light, so they’re something fun, unique, and different for parties and celebrations. I will definitely be trying this, and I encourage everyone to try something new with their every day design. What are some unique ideas you include in your designs? Comment below!



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