Exploring the Caviar-Bead Trend

Photo from sanasramblings.com

Photo from sanasramblings.com

A new trend taking the nail art movement by storm is caviar. No, not the $7,000 food. Caviar beads are very small, colored embellishments that can be used to cover the whole nail or placed very carefully in designs and patterns. This style adds a very cool texture but unfortunately doesn’t last very long.

Photo from creativebeautyhealth.com

Photo from creativebeautyhealth.com

I’ve tried this style before, but it turned out terrible so I don’t have any photos of it. The method most artists use is dipping the nail while the polish is still wet into a container of the beads, and then pressing on the nail to keep the beads secure and in place. Most also apply a top coat, but certain bead brands react differently to top coat and the color sometimes rubs off. Not applying top coat, though, will usually keep the beads loose and you might end up accidentally eating a few…

I would say caviar bead nails are good for a day or two, and then they begin to flake off. That’s probably why you don’t see people running around with micro-beads on their nails: they just don’t stay. But they are a fun nail accessory for a night out (as long as you don’t eat with your fingers) or a one-day thing.

Photo from rozemist (blogspot)

Photo from rozemist (blogspot)

Hand-placing the beads requires patience and a simple tool to pick them up, which could be a dotting tool dipped in top coat; tweezers; or this thing (I’ve never used one, so I’m not sure what its made of or how it works, but this certain one has good reviews.)

What’s your experience with caviar beads? Comment below!



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