5 Easy Valentine’s Day Nail Art Ideas (with videos!)

Having themed nails is always a good idea. Incorporating holidays like Halloween, Christmas, and NYE and events like birthdays into your nail art is an equally a good idea. But sometimes we lack the inspiration (I know I do), so here are 5 tutorials for cute, easy Valentine’s Day nails, using very common household objects. I included some for both short and long nails.

Common tools in these tutorials that you probably have in your house:

• Toothpicks

• Makeup sponges

• Round stickers or binder reinforcements

• Bobby pins

• Tape

I encourage investing in a dotting tool (or 5.) You can not only make dots, but also do simple freehand designs with the smallest size. These are the ones I have that also came with a bunch of striping tape for a crazy low price.

Leopard Hearts – done with a toothpick! Art by SuperWowstyle 

Gradient Hearts – seeing gradients for the first time can be incredibly intimidating, but they’re actually super easy. Art by SimpleNailArtDesigns 

Half-Moon with Hearts – you can also use paper hole reinforcements instead of round stickers. Art by xoJahtna 

Polka Dots with a Red Heart – if you don’t have a dotting tool, you can file down one side of a toothpick with a nail file or use the open end of a bobby pin. Art by Lenysea 

Sweetheart Plaid – for straight lines, tape is your best friend. Art by cutepolish 

Comment below if you tried out any of these tutorials! Which one did you like best?



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