The Smiths’ Debut Album 30th Anniversary Nails!

30 years ago on this day, alternative-rock band The Smiths released their self-titled debut album. The album reached number 2 on the UK albums chart and the lead single “What Difference Does It Make?” reached number 12 on the UK Singles Chart. The album was featured on many Greatest Albums lists from magazines like Slant and Rolling Stone. Even today, it lives on as a very important and awesome album.

I personally love The Smiths, so I decided to do my own little tribute by incorporating the original band members’ names into my nail art. I also tried a gradient for the first time.

20140220-013244 pm.jpg

I did the words switching between a toothpick and a very small dotting tool. I kept running out of room for letters, so lots of remover and Q-Tips were used in the process. I know its not my best work because it’s so messy. The gradient was SUPER EASY (way easier than I though because I didn’t use a makeup sponge but the spongey side of a buffing block!) and I think came out pretty cool.

20140220-015747 pm.jpg

Comment below your favorite Smiths song in honor of the 30th anniversary!



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