Nail Wraps vs Nail Stickers: What’s the Difference?

Sometimes you don’t have the time to sit down and paint your nails. You don’t want to rush out of the house with a half-done, smudged, wet paint job. That’s when nail polish strips come in… or are they stickers?

First we have to break down what a nail strip/wrap is. The most popular of the nail strip brands is the Sally Hansen Real Nail Polish Strips. They’re made of real nail polish, and you can tell when you open the box because you get that chemical smell. I have tried one design before, and it took probably 5-7 minutes to do both hands. They are supposed to last for 10 days but I only wore them for about 4 days because I get bored of them. They for around $10 at Rite Aid, but the 99¢ Store they go for (you guessed it) $1. The good thing about nail strips is that they are stretchy and you can gently stretch them to fit your nail bed properly. They come lengthy so they are good for long nails. Another nail wrap brand includes NCLA. NCLA is based in Los Angeles and their nail wraps are pretty pricey, but most sets come with 24 wraps (compared to Sally Hansen which come with 16) so you can wear the design twice.

Most nail stickers aren’t made to stretch. The come in one size that better fit your nail, or you made a bad purchase which is unfortunate. Nail stickers are good for short, narrow nails.

I favor nail strips over stickers. Strips are easier to use and since I have somewhat long nails, I don’t end up wasting a lot of the strip which happens to people with short nails.

What’s your experience with nail wraps and/or nail stickers? Comment below!


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