Tutorial: Interlocking Dots


Today’s tutorial is a very simple and catchy look that almost looks like an illusion.


  • A large dotting tool (or a bobby pin or filed down toothpick).
  • Two nail colors. I’m using Nordstrom BP’s ‘Black Tie’ and ‘Peach Purée’
  • Tape
  • Top coat (always optional but always recommended)


Step 1: Nail prep. File, shape and buff if you want. Apply a base coat if you want to keep the polish on longer and avoid staining.
Step 2: Paint your nails a base color. Let it dry completely.
Step 3: Take a piece of tape and place it diagonally over your nail. Depending on what type of tape and what type of polish you use, the tape might bring up the polish when you remove the tape. If this happens you can use a steady hand and apply more polish to the disaster zone.

photo 1

Step 4: Take your second color and paint over the non-taped part of the nail. Let this dry and then carefully remove the tape. Letting this part dry completely is very important because if you remove the tape too early the polish will pick up and string across the nail which looks messy.


Step 5: Make two small puddles of your colors. Take your dotting tool and dip it into the color you just used (for example I just used the peach one.) Place dots down the middle between the two colors on the nail.


Step 6: Clean off your dotting tool and dip it into your base color. Place dots in between the dots you just made.

Step 6: Continue making dots with that same color in a diagonal pattern until you run out of room. Switch colors and do the same to the other side of the nail.

Top coat and Boom Pow Done!!!!!!

Did you like this tutorial? Was it easy to follow? Please leave me any comments/suggestions below!


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