6 Tips for Healthy, Strong Nails

Photo from foxandjanesalon.com

Photo from foxandjanesalon.com

NOBODY likes a broken nail, especially when you’ve been trying to grow them out for ages. People will make fun of you for getting upset over a broken nail, but that’s okay because they just don’t get it. For example when I break or split a nail I begin to reevaluate the meaning of life and why I’m even on the planet. So, to avoid having your life ripped to shreds here are some tips to keep your nails healthy.

1: Avoid acetone-based polish remover. If you have brittle nails you’ll want to avoid acetone polish remover like the plague. It’s been proven to strip the nails and make them even more weak. Your best bet is non-acetone remover.

Photo from huffingtonpost.com

Photo from huffingtonpost.com

2: When you file, file one way and one way only. That means don’t move the file in a back and forth motion over your nails. This promotes splitting and easier breakage.

3: Don’t bite your nails or cuticles. Because it’s gross and opening up the skin around your nails can get bacteria and dirt in there and cause an infection. Also biting your nails down too far can cause pain and bleeding. If you have trouble with stopping, try using  a nail inhibitor which is a combination of bad-tasting chemicals or find a hobby that keeps your hands busy.

4: Try a biotin supplement. Vitamins help your body with a lot of things and the vitamin biotin can help your nails and hair. Biotin is also found in some foods. It can help strengthen brittle nails.

5: Avoid using nail polish remover more than once a week. Using the chemicals too often will dry out your nails (yes, even non-acetone.) When you use polish remover try a hand moisturizer and apply it on your cuticles and massage it into your nail beds.

Photo from medcor.com

Photo from medcor.com

6: Avoid over-washing your hands. Too much water can cause weakness and will cause nails to tear more easily. Ease up on scrubbing your hands unless it’s absolutely necessary or sanitary.



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