This weekend was chilly and rainy. Personally I love the rain and cold, and since my birthday is next week I was feeling mega excited so I decided my nails for the weekend would be bright and cheery, a sharp contrast from the weather outside. I was inspired by summer (strangely, I don’t like summer) and watermelon (also strange because I don’t like watermelon either.)

Image by me

Image by me

I used a couple different techniques for this. For the stripes I used striping tape and the dots were with my dotting tool. The colors I used were Sally Hansen “Green with Envy” and an unnamed Bonita pink.

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Striping tape is your best friend when you want perfect stripes and you can use it for other designs too by layering the tape; for example crossing multiple pieces of tape can create diamonds and vertical and horizontal tape can result in checks. It’s also ridiculously inexpensive: 10 rolls for under $1 on Amazon. An efficient way to store striping tape is in an empty regular tape dispenser (credit to Reddit for this idea).

Image by me

Image by me

Dotting tools are also a great investment and are super cheap too (Amazon). You can use dotting tools for, yes, dots but the smallest point can be used in making detailed drawings on your nails.



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