10 Best Beauty Blogs on WordPress

Besides following all those in MAD, I explored and found some other WordPress blogs that fit my interests (I’m sure others in MAD have too.) So far there’s only one other beauty-type blog from the MAD academy, that I’ve seen at least, so I compiled a quick list of good make-up and nail art blogs on this platform.

1. The Dalai Lama’s Nails – Awesome nail art and all original work

2. Sheer Beauty – Make-up, nail polish, hauls, and reviews

3. Beauty and the Tomboy – News and make-up reviews

4. Tina’s Nails – Swatches and reviews

5. Mae’s Beauty – The holy grail of swatches, reviews, and nail art

6. Eeek! Nail Polish – Original art and swatches

7. All The Small Stuff and Things – Eccentric blog with reviews, hauls, swatches and nail art

8. The Adorned Claw – Creative, original nail art and swatches

9. Nail Luxxe – Tips and swatches

10. The Feminine Files – Swatches, reviews and giveaways

Check out these blogs and give them a follow!


3 thoughts on “10 Best Beauty Blogs on WordPress

  1. ☆『マラ』☆ says:

    aw~ I am honored to be placed in this list.
    Calling my blog eccentric is a first haha
    I guess I’ll take that as a compliment 😛

    Maybe you would like to check back, I am hosting a giveaway to thank all my followers and supporters

    Liked by 1 person


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