Nail Art Decoration Haul

Everyone’s heard of beauty hauls, right? YouTube has lots of makeup and fashion vloggers that post videos of their latest shopping trip and usually add reviews with them. Since I’m not a makeup blog, per say, and nail polish is something of a splurge for me, I can rely on Amazon’s ridiculously low prices for small 3D nail art decorations like fimo (rods of dried clay in colors and designs), rhinestones, gems, glitter, and much more. Recently I went on a giant online shopping spree, and once everything I ordered arrived from the post I thought it would be a cool idea to do a nail art decoration haul of all the things I bought.

1) Fimo Flowers 

IMG_0980 (1)

Like I said above, fimo is a type of polymer clay and it comes either already sliced or in rod/cane form. They are made in hundreds of different kinds of designs, like fruit, flowers, characters, animals, food, logos, and many more. They’re easy to apply, generally with just top coat, and bend very easy so they fit the nail properly. I ordered some pre-sliced flowers but I haven’t used them yet. I will most likely break them out during summer.

2) Tiny Rhinestones


I didn’t realise I ordered two of basically the same thing; they just came in different containers. These little rhinestones come in about 10 different colors and they are SMALL. Like, tiny. Microscopic. I used some yellow ones on my daisy NOTWs last week and applied them with my nail glue (actually I think it’s super glue disguised in a bottle that says “nail art” on it). They stayed on pretty well and added a really nice touch to an otherwise simple mani.

3) Silver Shapes


I was SO excited for these. These tiny silver decorations come in shapes like stars, moons and hearts and have a flat back for easy adhesion. I haven’t used any yet, but I may use some of the stars for a 4th of July mani or the very small round rhinestones for a simple touch.

4) French Tip Guides


These tip guides came in a set of 5. I added two to my giveaway (enter it!!). You can use tip guides to help make French manicures less messy than if you were doing it freehand.

5) Ciate’s Fast Dry Top Coat


If I could afford it, I would buy a lifetime supply of this stuff. Seriously, this is the best topcoat EVER. First, it dries super fast (a guaranteed 60 seconds!) and is really shiny. It’s one of those topcoats where you can see where it was applied, so you have to make sure you apply it otherwise it looks strange. But anyway, Ciate’s speed coat honestly awesome. And it came in this fancy box.

6) Nail Art Brushes


Whenever I think about this purchase, I get a little emotional. Most nail art brushes are upwards of $15. I found these on Amazon with over a thousand 5 star reviews for $2!!!!! I almost cried. I haven’t put these to use yet, but I am planning on trying them out for an Easter mani in about two weeks.

7) Mini Plastic Bows


I kind of regret these. I’m pretty sure these were an impulse buy, because as I’m typing this I’m looking at them and wondering when I will ever want to add plastic pastel bows to my nails. Oh well.

8) Glitter Hexagons 


I’m actually using these tonight to officially try out the glitter hand-placement technique. These came in 12 colors, and are big enough to pick up and see but small enough to use a bunch on your nails.


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