#NOTW 3/27 – Spring Break San Diego


Last week I tried to do a gradient with red, orange and yellow, like a sunset. BUT, I failed terribly. Either the polishes I used were bad, or I did it wrong, or something… but it turned out really, really ugly. (Maybe because I wasn’t using my dominant hand and had my other hand twisted at a weird angle? I could make excuses all day). Anyway, I tried again, because I had a vision of what this pastel gradient would look like and I wanted it to work. And it did! To do a gradient, all you need is a makeup sponge (buy them, or do it like me and  loiter in Sephora and wait until the employees aren’t looking so you can snatch a few of the testers and run away) and at least 2 nail colors. I’ve only tried 3, and I have no idea what more than 3 would look like other than confusing. I did this on Wednesday of last week and I took this picture today, and as you can see there is some chipping. And yes that is Mrs Meister’s floor.


Have you ever tried a gradient? What was your experience?


2 thoughts on “#NOTW 3/27 – Spring Break San Diego

  1. Anmol says:

    I’ve tried gradient with white black and grey and it turned out fabulous. I was just disappointed because it came off so quickly! Sponges are your best friend when doing gradients, but let me tell you, it took my quite a few tries. And that’s when nail polish remover is your best friend!



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