Giveaway Reminder!

This is a QP to remind everyone about my giveaway! There’s about 2 days left and I may or may not extend it but I will let everyone know. If this is your first time seeing this post then don’t forget to enter! Open to United States residents only, please! Thanks to everyone who has entered already! Here’s the link: here. Remember US only, I apologise but due to airmail restrictions you can’t send nail polish through the mail.


1 Box “Queen Of The Jungle” Sally Hansen Real Nail Polish Strips


2 Sally Hansen Magnetic polishes: “Golden Conduct” and “Polar Purple”


Mini diamonds for 3D nail art


Mixed collection of blue and purple caviar beads


Nordstrom nail color in “Galaxy”


2 packs of French nail tip guides


My Twitter followers can enter HERE (password is posted daily). It would mean the world if you could spread the word about this giveaway! Getting exposure and more entries would motivate me to hold more giveaways and bring eternal happiness to my readers!




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