Sally Hansen Sugar Shimmer: Taffy Tart

I recently received a box of full-size samples from Sally Hansen to review for them. In the mix were 6 Sugar Shimmers, 6 Satin Glams and 3 Fuzzy Coats for me to try out, swatch and review! Here is the first installment from the Sugar Shimmer collection.

removed hangnail lol


Now this is an awesome polish! Taffy Tart is a dark navy blue, textured with a sugary feel that is rough to the touch and dries with tiny shimmering specks that show up in sunlight. The bottle says to gently shake and apply two coats. I did three for good measure. It dried fast, less that 60 seconds, and the effect began to appear after about 10 seconds after application. It dries semi-matte and has a tiny glint to it in the sunlight. This polish is definitely one I would wear for  long periods of time and I would also use it as an accent nail. The only problem I found with this polish was removing it. Scrubbing and scrubbing at your nails with a cotton ball soaked in remover is NOT a good idea, so I tried out the glue method for removal which worked fine. Overall, this polish does what it says it will: show off a nice color and have an eye-catching texture that is super fun.


Let me know your thoughts on this polish (and my first swatch) in the comments!


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