First Salon Experience

My boss wanted to take me out for my birthday. So we both decided on getting our nails done together, and then dinner. I’ve never had my nails done at a real salon before, so I was nervous and didn’t really know what to expect. I initially thought all nail salons automatically do gel (and I am terrified of gel, mostly because of how long it stays on), but luckily I was informed I could just get a basic manicure. So I’m sat in the chair and I’m soaking my hands which was nice. Then the manicurist comes over, and I start to get scared again. I had some left-over specks of polish that I was scraping off throughout the day, so when she practically washed my hands in acetone I almost died. After that came the cuticle care which I really needed. Then my nails were cut (not too short; I can’t deal with nubs) and filed. The way the manicurist filed them was with a really rough board, and she put it under my nails and went in a back-and-forth motion, that basically splintered my nails. The way I do it is with a softer emery board and I go only one way, so my nails don’t split or peel. So the filing really confused me. Finally she put the polish on. The color I chose (after a lot of deliberation) was OPI’s “Dating A Royal”, which is a deep blue that I’m thinking about buying because I love it a lot. Then it took about 1000 years for the finished product to dry, and we left and had dinner and it was overall a nice first salon experience and belated birthday outing.


Although my experience was a good one, I want to hear the bad stories! What was your worst salon experience? Tell me in the comments!!



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