Polish Haul + Dove Chocolate Exclusives


This week was the week of new nail polish! I love getting stuff in the mail, so when I found a Nordstrom gift card lying around I flipped out and ordered something quickly. I ended up getting BP.’s “Dandelion” and “Navy Base”, two new polishes. I also went to Nordstrom this weekend and picked up a green called “Apple Tart” that was half-off. One of my favorite things about BP nail polish is how inexpensive it is. They go for $5 for one, and a deal they have all the time is two for $8 which is awesome. Occasionally they get rid of random colors for around $2.50.



“Dandelion” (far left) is a washed-out yellow. “Navy Base” is a dark navy blue (as you can probably tell from the name). And finally “Apple Tart” is a medium green. The only color I have tried out of these three so far is Dandelion, which I loved because I don’t have many yellows and also because it is a nice bright spring color and could probably be popular in summer, too.

Another thing that happened this week was getting two Dove chocolate exclusive polishes from Nicole by OPI called “Better After Dark” and “Promises in the Dark”, two shades that were only available through a sweepstakes that Dove was doing back in February. My aunt won a set and gave it to me (thanks Auntie Stephanie!).



“Promises in the Dark” (left) is a very dark brown that looks like dark chocolate. “Better After Dark” is a lighter brown with a red holo that is kind of visible in this picture, but is much more noticeable in sunlight. I haven’t used either of these polishes yet.

And that’s it for this week! Tell me your thoughts on BP’s nail polish or these exclusive shades from Dove in the comments!!


3 thoughts on “Polish Haul + Dove Chocolate Exclusives

  1. Nature's Pulchritude says:

    The BP colors are nice, especially the blue and green. I’d need to see the light yellow on the nail to see how it leans-it looks like a muted mustard color in the bottle. Promises in the dark looks really nice. The other color might be a surprise eye catcher depending on how the base and glitter interact.

    Nature’s Pulchritude



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