Summer 2014 Nail Art Trends Predictions

Last summer, a big trend was “aztec” or tribal nails. This design requires at least 3 different colors and lots of creativity with lines, chevrons, dots, circles, squares, and other geometric shapes. I believe that this design will make a comeback this summer, especially now that we are in music festival season and more festivals are coming up in the next months. I didn’t go to Coachella but I’m 99% sure that tribal nails were prominent, right in there with the flower crowns and henna tattoos.



Another trend I think you’ll see this summer is triangles, or more precisely, simpler geometric designs. This design usually includes either one triangle at the tip of the nail in another color than the base or overlapping triangles in all different colors.

geometric 2


What I like about this geometric design is the simplicity. You don’t need lots of flashy colors and crazy art to be trendy! Especially not this summer. So my predictions for trendy nail art this summer 2014 are geometric, colorful, line-based designs.

What do you think about my predictions? What are yours? Also, are you attending any music festivals this summer? Tell me in the comments! 🙂


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