3 Simple Ways to Organise Your Polish Collection

I own about 60 different nail polishes. I keep them organised by brand in a small drawer in my desk. But when I want to someone my collection when I’m not home or I need to check if I own a polish before I buy it the store, I use 3 different methods to classify and catalog all my polishes.

1) Lacquer Tracker (website)

I heard about this brand new website from Reddit. Basically it is a huge database of polishes that are added by the site’s users, and if you own a polish you either find in the database or add it so other people can add it to their collection also. I haven’t used much of this site yet but I poked around and noticed some brands I own that were not yet added the giant and ever-growing database of nail polishes, so I’ll be adding some and then searching through to make up my online collection.

Lacquer Tracker homepage

Lacquer Tracker homepage



You can add and search polishes by name, collection, shade, brand, swatch and type. It is a very new service so some of the functions and design elements obviously need work. I believe this site has a lot of potential, it just requires a lot of user content.

2) Nail Polish Book (iPhone app)

I have used this app for months and I love it. You add your polishes and can classify by name, shade, brand, and collection. You can also include a picture and some comments on the polish. There is also a search feature in case you need to find a polish quickly. I have all my named polishes in this app because it’s so efficient and simple.


Menu to add a polish


Search all your polishes



This is my mobile way of keeping my polish inventory in check.

3) Spreadsheet (online and mobile)

A spreadsheet is the most customisable way to keep check of your polishes. This method can be saved on your computer and if you use Google Drive you can also access it on your phone. With a spreadsheet, you can add all your own categories, add notes, and anything else to remind yourself about your polishes.

Screenshot 2014-04-25 at 23.29.39

And those are 3 easy ways to have an inventory of your nail polishes! Which methods do you/will you use?


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