#NOTW: “Drippy” Floral

The dripping design is something I’ve wanted to try out for a while and when I was searching for ideas a few days ago I stumbled upon cutepolish‘s tutorial for dripping nail art. Here is my variation of it:


The drips look really complicated but they’re actually REALLY easy: all you do is lift up your dotting tool slightly as you move up the nail! As you can see I am missing the leaves for the roses which I might add later, because they don’t resemble roses that much without the leaves. The colors I used for this week’s NOTW were Ciate’ “Boudior”, Sally Hansen “Green With Envy” (has anyone else noticed how often I use this green? It’s because it’s the only light green I own and it’s also because I love it), Ciate “Kiss Chase”, and a white striper from Art Deco.

Let me know your thoughts on this NOTW in the comments!


One thought on “#NOTW: “Drippy” Floral


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