Sally Hansen Satin Glam: “Go Gold” and “Metal Iced”

*Disclaimer: These polishes were sent to me by the manufacturer for my honest and unbiased review

I’m back! The high school and city college spring semesters are ending so I have been working all the time to get stuff done and I just haven’t had time to do some swatches… But I managed to clear some time because I miss blogging. So today I have two swatches for you from Sally Hansen’s Satin Glam line: “Go Gold” and “Metal Iced”.

Go Gold


This polish is isanely amazing. If you’re looking for the perfect gold, it’s this one!  Go Gold features tiny glitter specks in a sea of a rich champagne gold.  Two quick coats was enough to make it opaque, but don’t forget to let coats dry in between applications or the polish will goop up at the top of the nail and take longer to dry. Drying time was about 1 minute. Go Gold dries matte and has a chalkboard-like feel to the touch. The only problem I had with this polish is the removal. I recommend the glue method (thin layer of white glue is applied to the nail as base coat) because, personally, I freak out when I’ve used up two cotton balls soaked in polish remover and the polish is still there. Overall Go Gold is awesome and will be my go-to party color.

Metal Iced


Metal Iced is a shiny silver with glitter specks that almost looks holographic. This swatch features two coats with generous drying time between coats. This polish seemed to dry faster than Go Gold, about 30-45 seconds. I would wear this as a party color, or as a unique way to switch up an otherwise every day color. I like this silver because it isn’t streaky; many other silvers take coat after coat to hide streaks AND reach maximum opaqueness. Metal Iced also dries matte and has the silky but rough feel to it after drying.

Let me know your thoughts on these colors in the comments!


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