Giveaway Winnings

I LOVE to enter giveaways for makeup and nail polish. Who doesn’t like getting cool stuff in the mail from awesome blogs and companies? This past month I won two big giveaways full of makeup and beauty samples. It’s always a nice gesture to post and share about your winnings and the blog you got them from.


First up is a cute bundle from Amy at Makeup and All That Jazz. The giveaway featured everything in the picture, which as you can see is pretty awesome! Tons of makeup and hair samples. I can’t wait to try the Brushed Metals polish and experiment with all that makeup. Thanks again Amy!


Second is a generous package from the lovely girls at East to West Sisters. The e.l.f. 10-brush set came from the West sister, if I recall correctly, and the makeup came from the East. A cool thing about their blog is that they share it and blog mutually because they live on opposite sides of the country, which is why they call themselves east to west (if you didn’t already come to that conclusion!) I use a few of the brushes on a daily basis and I love them, while my sister really enjoys the lip gloss. Thank you again, girls!

That sums up my giveaways in the past month! If anyone’s interested, I could put together a weekly masterpost of all (or most) of the beauty giveaways in the blogging world! Let me know if a giveaway masterpost would be useful to you!


One thought on “Giveaway Winnings

  1. Crazy A... says:

    I’m so sorry it took me so long to get your package out! I had it in the back seat of my car and forgot about it! Last week I was looking for some shoes and saw it so I ran to the post office to mail it! 🙂 I’m glad you like it! 🙂



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