Review: BornPrettyStore Water Decals + Tutorial


Decal sheetToday I have a review for you of water decals from BornPrettyStore! BPS sent me some water decals to review for them as part of their awesome blogger program.

I had never used water decals before, so if you’ve never done them either then this will be a learning experience for both of us. To start, pick a light color or one that won’t drown out the color of your decals. I used BP.’s “Peach Puree”.

peach puree

For water decals you need a cup or bowl of room-temperature waterscissors and of course water decals. The ones used in this tutorial and review can be purchased here (look for a coupon code at the bottom of this post!) Tweezers are useful, but you can use your fingers if you want.


To begin, paint your nails the light base color. Remove the clear film covering the decals and cut out the ones you plan to use. These decals are small and close together so cutting around the others without nicking the others was a bit hard.

decals cut out

Here is where you choose between tweezers or fingers. Pick up your first decal and place it FACE DOWN in the water. Count to 20, and carefully remove the decal from the water. Slide the paper backing off the decal. The way I do this is my keeping the decal face down on my thumb and using my other thumb to push the paper off the back. Sometimes this step is tricky and could cause the decal to wrinkle.

Choose the nail you want to put the decal on and place it carefully in its spot. I used an orange stick to smooth out bubbles and small wrinkles. Continue placing your decals in the water until you have reached the desired amount of decals on your nails, then seal with a nice top coat. Some people do lots of decals but for this review I chose one or two similar designs for each nail so you can see what they look like without being crowded.



My favorite decals were the ones with the transparent background, I liked how you can see through them. Since these decals were my intro to the water decal technique, I can say that these have pushed me to start using them more! They are perfect for when you don’t feel like breaking out all your tools to do some art; they’re quick and easy. They were easy to work with and are super cute! BPS offers many other water decal patterns and designs, along with endless pages of studs, stickers, stones, glitter, tools, and more for the nail art world.

I was provided with an exclusive coupon code for 10% off your order from BPS: NMSK31. BornPrettyStore also offers free shipping worldwide, so if you’re nail art supplies are running low I suggest you hurry over there!



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