Pastel Watermarble

Hi. You might have noticed I haven’t blogged for approximately 4 months, but that is changing because starting in later January I will have a lot of extra time on my hands (yay homeschool!) so I thought, why not get back to blogging? I am back with more content and a LOT of ideas to keep this little blog more consistently updated on a diverse range of topics. Thanks to everyone who’s stuck around!

Anyway, a few weeks ago I got into a weird obsession with water marbling after not doing it for a while. And I missed the feeling of peeling the glue off my fingers too, I confess. A lot of people ask me how I avoid getting the polish all over my fingers and my “secret” is plain old gel glue. It dries fast and does a better job than tape, in my own experiences.


This marble was done using all Nordstrom BP colors: Dandelion, Lilac Dreamland and Peach Puree.

That’s all for today. Stick around for the next few days because I have a cute little giveaway planned to ring in the new year!


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