My Top 10 Polishes of 2014, Part One

I’ve seen a lot of these types of posts, top 10 (and bottom 10!) beauty products of the year, and I thought why not do one of my own? Here are my top 10 favorite polishes of 2014. These are not only my favorites but also the ones that were used the most. So, without further ado…

1. Ciate Speed Coat Fast Dry Top Coat
Omg. This top coat was used from March until the middle of December and will probably be used until I run out and am practically tipping the bottle upside down to get the very last drop. I live by this stuff! It really dries super fast and is very shiny, so it definitely lives up to its name. It also is pretty good at resisting every day wear and tear and never really chips on me. I cannot recommend this top coat enough. I bought it from Nordstrom for $17.


2. Sinful Colors “Snow Me White”

White polishes are essential in any stash, because they help immensely with vivid watermarbles and helping sheer polishes “pop”. I used this after my Sally Hansen “White Out” dried up and got all goopy. Usually with whites they apply very streaky and gross, but I didn’t experience that with Snow Me White and reached for it every time I did a watermarble or just wanted a plain white matte, which is my go-to mani on my off days. I bought this from Rite Aid for $2.


3. Nordstrom BP. “Navy Base”

Navy Base is a matte blue that dries very quickly and leaves a nice soft matte finish. This is another one of my off day polishes that I could apply in a short amount of time and at least have something on my nails. I fell in love with the color (as I do with most navy blues) and I just love mattes so this was a perfect match for me! I bought this at my local Nordstrom with an ongoing 2 for $8 deal they have.


4. Savina “Marine Life”

This was another beautiful matte that I wore often. It’s a deep green sea glass color that dries quickly to a velvety finish. This was one that I found myself adding more coats to if it began to chip or get shiny because it was just too lovely to take off. I bought this at a Nordstrom Rack in Colorado for about $3, if I remember correctly.


5. Nordstrom Nail Color “Cafe Au Lait”

This is a creamy neutral that I loved wearing because of how well it complemented my skin tone and looked like a very effortless mani that could be done over and over (which it was). This is one of those neutrals that looks good on basically anyone. I bought this from Nordstrom but I think it’s discontinued because I couldn’t find it anywhere on their site 😦

So there’s my first 5 of the top 10. Stay tuned for the last 5!


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