My Top 10 Polishes of 2014, Part Two

Here’s part two of my top 10 polishes from 2014! You can read part one here.

photo 1

6. Ciate “Encore”

I got this in my Mini Mani Month from Ciate for Christmas 2013. I used this polish every time I did cherry blossoms, for some reason it just fit. I love this color because its not exactly red and not exactly orange. It’s a sort of brown? The color is a bit hard to describe and the picture does not do it justice.

photo 3

7. China Glaze “Fairy Dust”

I bought this when everyone on reddit was freaking out about it. So yes, it was an impulse buy, but I ended up using it a lot as a top coat for my more bright watermarbles. It truly is a magical polish that glitters amazingly in direct light. You can buy it at any local drugstore or Ulta for around $8.

photo 5

8. Habit Cosmetics “Blue Velvet”

I won this in a giveaway and it opened up a world of navy blue polish. I reviewed it here and I still think it’s an amazing polish that dries nicely and leaves a beautiful shiny deep blue. This is one of the few polishes that I would wear by itself without adding any art to it because it was just too lovely to distract from! You can buy it from Habit Cosmetics for $18.

photo 2

9. Chanel “Peridot”

My cousin got me this for my birthday. I have zero clue where she got it, because I searched to the deepest depths of the internet to find it and came up with nothing except some people selling it on eBay for $25-$50. Anyway. This polish is indescribable. I reviewed it here and honestly the swatches I did are terrible. It’s really hard to capture this polish in action! I wore it many times by itself and felt fancy as heck every time.

photo 4

10. H&M “Nude 3”

This polish came in a set of 4 different shades of nude/beige from H&M. I was not expecting the quality that this polish has. It’s a very pretty, shiny nude that would work well on many different skin tones. It’s a nice polish for work or professional events when you can’t have anything flashy on your nails; I wore it when I had to dress up for parties or formal things. I bought it at H&M in Boulder, Colorado for about $5.

There’s my last 5 of my top 10! Are you gonna try out any of my favorites for 2015?


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